I don't know how I got so lucky this year but I managed to get private tours of these four amazingly influential places! Thanks so much to the people who showed me around!



Jim Henson Creature Shop, Burbank, California

Walt Disney Animation Studios, Burbank, California


CTNx & Disneyland


I went out to California right before Thanksgiving to attend CTNx for the first time. It was animation heaven, with so much talent in one location. I met some of my childhood idols, new friends and bumped into old friends!




Macy's Christmas Windows


I worked with Standard Transmission in Red Hook, Brooklyn, on Macy's windows for a couple of weeks making elves and trees!


Google Walkaround Emoji Build


I recently got to work on a fun project for Google building walkaround characters for Jeremy Scott's new emoji launch for the Pixel phone! With project manager Sam Hill, and builders Yvette Helin, Jamie Bressler, David Valentine and Laura Noveck...


I'm back!


Hello! It's been a while! Hoping to get back into the blogosphere but to be honest, Insta has kind of taken over. I am 30 today and just got a little upgrade! The timing was coincidental but also serendipitous because it felt like time for a change. My work has changed a lot in the past year and a half and I feel it truly reflects who I am. Gonna keep it brief for now since I still have a lot of things to get done. I'm gearing up for CTNx in a couple of weeks and I can't wait! Stay tuned.


Kids' Bedroom Mural


I just completed this kids' bedroom wall mural for a brother and sister who I used to babysit for. 

It's a picture of their pet dog and cat, Ursula and Mo. Please contact me if you would like a custom mural spot for your child's room! This one measures about 4ft in diameter.



Sesame Street


Back for a bit doing some projects at Henson! FUN FUN FUN!!!


Butterfly Display Cases


I spread about 300 butterflies to go in a series of cases that will hang in a private event space in the Meatpacking district. My very talented friend Jason Pickens of HGTV's The Workaround built the custom cases.


Making Christmas Windows part 2: NYC


Making a 4ft tall King Kong head for Sak's



Ok so I had to turn this bobcat form into a house cat. I've made weirder.

Making Christmas Windows part 1: São Paolo



Making Christmas from Morumbi Shopping Sao Paolo, Brazil (my old stomping grounds!)

Faking kids' handwriting

Fake binders for Santa's library

Zoe and I built a table that joints together!

Giant foam bows that Ricola and I assembled by cutting up foam sheets

 Rigged up a lil mouse to stand up with a wire armature inside, and tiny presents!!

Everything coming together... a massive group effort!


Animation Cel


My birthday was on Thursday and my parent's gifted me this amazing original animation cel from the Secret of NIMH! I've always wanted a cel, and this is probably my favorite movie ever.

I had it custom framed in a float frame and I'm so pleased with how it came out. 


Febreze Commercial


This is a Ford Focus-turned-dogcar for a Febreze commercial that I worked on back in April at Constructive Display. It's on air now so I'm finally able to post behind the scenes! I mostly worked on the fur fabrication, which is made out of clusters of hemp, and made the crumbs in the scruff.


SoHo Windows

Please check out my window display up at 
E. R. Butler and Co.
55 Prince Street between Mulberry & Lafayette
February 22nd - May 3rd

Photographed by the talented Lauren Coleman

They're alive!


I updated the design and built a news structure for the crabs. 

Here they are on stage at the Ibex Flight final performance:


Texas Blue Crab puppets

I designed these and then built them in 3 days, which was such a (fun) whirlwind!
They're for Heather Henson's show Celebration of Flight: A Crane Story.

Here's me and Heather playing around with them:

They were made out of all natural materials. Here they are in progress... 

A day in the life

A normal day at work;
•pinning butterflies & beetles
•gutting scorpions
•patching & painting taxidermy
•custom framing
•cleaning bones
•making a freeze-dried mouse head puppet for a magician... duh
•constructing domed dioramas
•playing with work pets!

She's up!


McNally Jackson bookstore

52 Prince Street

New York, NY 10012

--------------------and a little Before & After!--------------------