Day 5: Hen...

...or as I like to call her, "girl duck"

 I'm really lucky cause Dan gave me one of two hens.

Everyone else had to do another mallard or pheasant.

I started and nearly finished her today.
I got her skinned, fleshed, de-greased, tumbled, patched, boraxed, wired and sewn up!
Only things left to do for now are the head, affixing her to the base and some finishing touches.
I'll airbrush the duck feet and pheasant waddles when they're dry.

Day 4: Mallard mounting

We didn't quite get done with our mallards today. We still need to secure the feet better, position the wings and blow dry the feathers some more. But this is what he looks like now!

Day 3: Mallard

Foot on the left has been rehydrated, right one hasn't

The skin is so delicate! I have to repair some holes tomorrow...

Day 3: Pheasant done!


We secured the wings and tail with card and tape to keep the feathers in place

This photo was taken before I injected the feet with preservative and wrapped them up

Setting the eyes

Day 2: Pheasant Mounting

We didn't get done with the mounts today. I just need to glue the skin around the beak to the foam, sculpt around the eyes, and attach him to the cedarwood base. The pheasant is going to be in flight!

Day 1: Pheasant


Had a great first day. Look how beautiful he is!