A Flaxen Chestnut Wee Bonnie Lass, she is


So for a whole MONTH I spent my nights and weekends JUST SANDING & finishing; the most tedious part of this project by far. Over the past week I've been painting and mixing up my own pigments using Milk Paint. I chose this medium because it gives more of a matte finish and I didn't want it to look like a plastic cast, although, I did have to clear coat it with a subtle sheen to seal in the paint. I'll probably add some detailed gold border, I'm thinking a vine pattern, to the green of the blanket. The round base and brass twisted pole come in the mail this week.




Ghost Horse


One layer of gesso down ^

The white illuminates any imperfections in the surface so from now on you can find me sanding my fingerpads away...


Carving the mane


I used an angle grinder to hack off big chunks of basswood, and a V chisel to channel out the hair.


Peaceable Kingdom Opening Reception


Come check out my and talented bff Becca Barnet's original works at Hub-Bub gallery this Thursday September 20th

Illustration! Animation! Puppets! Taxidermy! Insects! Miniatures! Dioramas!

Some of my vignettes that will be at our show!:


Horse Operating Table

Doesn't look like much has changed, but I've been hacking away for a few weekends in a row now. Every nook and cranny has to be sanded smooth, and all edges squared off. Yesterday was a big day cause I finally glued the legs on and patched up the seams.

Every carousel horse has a Romance Side which is the side that would be on display. Pictured is the side with less detail as the mane is flipping the other way.

My Little Pony

My very own carousel-horse-in-progress!

This is a Third Row Jumper, meaning all its legs are off the floor and it would be in the third row if it were in a real carousel since the horses recede in size per row to give a forced perspective. So she is about the size of an actual pony and not a full grown horse.

 This photo was taken about a month ago and I'm only just about to pick up where I left off since I'm now a member of the Gowanus Studio Space.

Chain Link Scarf

One of the easiest knits I've made so far. Just stockinette stitch and a lot of Downton Abbey!

6th annual Carnivorous Nights Taxidermy Contest

...was a success!

I was hesitant to submit the coyote I made this summer because she's such a traditional mount (this contest mostly embraces the kooky, kitschy and rogue), but it seemed like people loved her. We came back with a trophy! "Best Buddy" category - whatever that means! :)

Note the amazing Tae Kwon Doe trophy... 
and my very own Bow Hunter Ann, complete with treestand!

Saw her in Time Out New York, and found some really sweet comments...

Good days media:

The overall winner of the competition was Mike Zohn of the tv show Oddities for his beer-dispensing (pissing) coyote keg. The cooler that it's mounted on actually works. Now why didn't I think of that!

Make sure to come out to next year's competition at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn!

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights


It's so nice to hear how much people liked it! 

I was a puppet builder on this project for 2 years and I worked with the 

most talented and creative people:

Some of the crew geeking out at the midnight screening




I decided to make a needlepoint which memorializes my beloved doggie Dassie
who passed away in 2007. It took forever and I finally finished it yesterday!


The needlepoint measures about 9"x9" and the cushion is 16"x16"

Antler Plaque


Made an antler mount and added some flowers and lace trim to make it a little less traditional


Day 11: Coyote done!

I'm really pleased with how she turned out


When she's dry I can remove the mesh and pins in her ears and lips, dust off any residue clay on the eyes, as well as airbrush some of her features. I can't wait to bring her back home.
Thank you Dan for teaching me so much, and also to Danielle for being my accomplice!

Day 10: Coyote in progress

Time to put Winnie's clothes on! 
(There's a story behind that name)

I kept a damp paper towel on her face so it didn't dry out.
She's undergoing facial reconstructive surgery... the final reveal tomorrow!

Day 9: Mannequins

Prep, prep & more prep...
Made tail, sewed holes, shaved form, fit hide etc.

I chose the alert turning coyote pose

Fitting and pinning

She fits!

Day 8: Coyote liposuction

Today we spent the whole day removing the fat and turning the ears, eyes and lips

Wet doggie!
We combed the fur out and then threw em back in the tanner.

 Not too many interesting shots for the day so here's a look around the studio:

The building used to be an old tobacco factory and is 64,000 square feet!

Dan's demo station

↑ We have a drawer full of parts like these at work ↓

 An albino deer that was found on the side of the road. So beautiful.

Day 7: Coyote

Today we began with the frozen thawing coyote and ended the day by putting the skin 
into the auto tanner. There is warm water and three chemicals in the machine:
Aluminum sulphate (which sets the hair), salt (which gets the dirt and contaminants out of the hide), and soda ash (which neutralizes the pH). It's really important to tan the skin as soon as possible before bacteria starts eating away at the hair follicles. Once the fur starts falling out, there's no saving it!

I got a girl coyote :)

What big teeth she has

Parting the fur

I'll spare you the gross photos, but
she ended up looking like something out of
John Carpenter's "The Thing"

Day 6: Hen done

This was the most stubborn mount so far. Her skin was like tissue and the feathers didn't want to lay.
I'm happy with how she turned out in the end though! 
For our third bird we had to choose a more dynamic pose, so here she is - preening.

Got my bird taxidermy certificate!